2013 Program

A number of local groups will entertain visitors through song and dance. Filipino dance, Japanese martial arts, choral singing, Brazilian music, Chinese traditional dance, RAKUGO in English, American pop dance and more.


Enjoy food and drink from around the world. Why don't you try to eat all kind of foods such as...

Korean, American, Bangladeshi, Belarusian, Turkish, Kenyan, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, Japanese and much more!    

There are various groups and corporations  in  Sendai and the Tohoku region. It is a good opportunity to learn about them!

Sister city talks, study tour reports, international cooperation and environmental report exhibitions, photo exhibitions (street children's art) and more.

We have a big bazaar, in which you can find goods and food from all over the world!  

Fair Trade products, clothing, books, magazines, household goods, handmade crafts, and more. 


Have you ever put on a kimono? Do you know what Arabic characters look like? If you don't, you have a chance to experience and learn things like this at the festival!

Japanese cultural experiences (kimono, tea ceremony), traditional clothes fitting (Vietnamese, Korean, Mongolian), Arabic calligraphy, "comic chat" and more. 

Groups involved in activities related to multiculturalism, intercultural exchange and international cooperation in Sendai and the Tohoku region will talk about their activities.

It will give you the chance to learn about other parts of the world.

People from many countries come to live in Sendai for many reasons. Although we were all raised in different environments and cultures, we all live in Sendai together. This year, 10 contestants from different countries will participate and speak about what is important to them. Who will win first prize? Don't miss it!

Would you like to talk to people from other countries, but are't sure how? Can't speak the language? Even if you're shy, don't worry! At the World Café, anyone can talk to people from all over the world over tea. Try using your Japanese, too!

[Downlord] Program 2013
[Downlord] Program 2013
Food Menu
Food Menu